Waste Cable Recyling


At Recycle Global Solutions, we are known for our efficient, cutting-edge process for waste cable recycling. After we’ve received the items you want to be recycled, we’ll weigh them and document them accordingly. We process and manually dismantle any bulk fuse boxes that remain on the units to render them unusable. Through our shredding process, we can reduce the cables into fragments. We also remove any non-ferrous and ferrous materials using our belt system that includes an eddy current separator.

To further refine these segments, we move them to the granulator and separate the copper granules from the plastic insulation. Now we can recycle all the components using the procedures that are best for the individual materials. After this final step, we can ensure end of life. Nothing goes to the landfill or gets resold on the market. It’s all part of our zero-waste procedures!

A Better Way To Recycle

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At No Cost Pickup & Drop-Off

At our facility, we prioritize simplicity and convenience every step of the way. From free convenient pickup services & factory clean-up to hassle-free 24/7 dropoff, we ensure a seamless experience.

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Certified Processes

We are R2v3 certified electronic recyclers and iso 45001/iso 14001 certified so you can have peace of mind knowing we are adhering to the highest standards and following the proper processes and procedures.

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Excellent Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to excellence and committed to delivering top-tier recycling solutions for everyone, no matter their size.

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Innovative Solutions

We believe in staying at the forefront of innovation. By combining our extensive experience with the latest, most innovative equipment, we guarantee efficient and effective recycling solutions.

Waste Cable Management Process

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STEP 1: Receiving

Once received, all materials will be weighed, documented, and prepared for dismantling.

Sorting cables

STEP 2: Manual Dismantling

We process and dismantle any bulk fuse boxes or connectors that remain on the unit by detaching and render the unit unusable.

Hard drive shredding

STEP 3: Shredding

Upon completing the manual dismantle, we then began the shredding process. We bulk load by conveyor directory into tour pre-shredder where any and all waste cables will now be reduced to fragment, any non-ferrous and ferrous materials will be removed using our over belt system with eddy current separator.


STEP 4: Sorting

Once all waste cables are reduced to fragments, these fragment now moved onto our granulator. The granulator will now refine the fragments even more. Now the sorting process begins separation the copper granules from the plastic insulation.

Copper wiring

STEP 5: Recycling

Copper, Plastic, Aluminum, Brass, and Steel

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STEP 6: End of Life (EoL)

All methods listed will ensure end of life. Through our process you can be certain that none of these materials will end up on markets for resale, distribution, or landfills with our zero waste procedures, We recycle responsibly to ensure sustainability, Recycle and Reuse!